Meet Our Team

With full support from operating partner Discovery Senior Living, LakeHouse Senior Living has assembled a cohesive and highly experienced executive leadership team throughout the Greater Lakes and the Upper Midwest. Each brings poise, passion and dedication to their role. Together, they uphold a culture of innovation, accountability and performance at all LakeHouse Senior Living communities.

Brad Poterack

Division Chief Operating Officer

Adam Schlueter

Regional Director of Operations - East Region

Elizabeth Parsons

Regional Director of Operations - North Region

Cheryl Sarver

Regional Director of Operations - South Region

Michele Glauser

Regional Director of Sales - East Region

Ashlee Wiley

Regional Director of Sales - North Region

Kate Risa

Division Director, Human Resources

Christina Cotton, RN, MBA

Division Director, Resident Care

Jim Hendrickson

Division Director, Facilities

Teri Watson

Division Marketing Manager

Cody Reed

Corporate Culinary Specialist